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Classic theme, one of the most important and most developed of PLAYMOBIL®.


Along with the West, it is another of the mythical themes, such as the classic Pirate Ship.


Everything is ready for the greatest show in the world!


We are concerned about the health of our clicks. Enter the most equipped hospital.


Travel through the Cosmos with our Space collection.


Castles, dragons, queens and kings. Knights and swords are the protagonists in this theme.

Water Park

Fun is guaranteed in the PLAYMOBIL® water park. For a refreshing summer!

Zoo Aquarium

Meet all the animals that inhabit our Zoo and enjoy the exhibitions at the Aquarium.


An environment in nature for our clicks to enjoy in tents, motorhomes, etc.


This theme includes the best fair attractions to recreate a day of great emotions.


Police and Firefighters are willing to ensure the safety of all our PLAYMOBIL®.


Tour the great natural reserves and see numerous animals, free in their habitat.


This theme includes everything you can imagine in a city, from gas stations to big mansions.


Learn about Eskimo life, expeditions in the arctic, sledding, snowmen.


With this theme the adventures of Heidi, Pedro, Clara, the grandfather, etc., are relived.


Rest of themes, such as Christmas, Farm, etc.



Who does not remember going to the circus when he came to your city. When I say who, I am referring to generations of the 20th century. All the people wanted to see lions, elephants, trapeze artists or clowns. Who doesn't remember Gaby, Fofó and Miliki, who brought the circus to television.
At present, to see the shows it is not necessary to go to the circus, they can be seen on television, in the street, etc. In addition, animals are prohibited. For this reason, circuses are not like before. There were some who had several tracks.

After this introduction, and focusing on the PLAYMOBIL® world, although previously there was a circus model on the market, in fact I already had some reference such as the clowns (ref. 3392) or the fakir (ref. 3398), in my case the circus theme came home when the Romaní circus was marketed (ref. 3720). The circus itself I never got to have. Each friend had a different reference to this theme in order to get together and perform an authentic function with various shows. I remember making a track of cardboard so I can play at home. For example, I had the orchestra (ref. 3723), the magician Mister Magic (ref. 3725), the tightrope walker monkeys (ref. 3726), the caravan with lions (ref. 3727) or the clowns with elephant (ref. 3797) among others.

Later, with the commercialization of the circus tent (ref. 4230) and its series, PLAYMOBIL® relaunched this theme. For me, the most beautiful circus that PLAYMOBIL® has released. What to say about its lighting at the entrance ... In my case, I got have a circus at home and I also expanded my collection with the musical-based clown orchestra (ref. 4231), with the horse tamer (ref. 4234), with the children with elephants (ref. 4235), with the trapeze artists (ref. 4236) or with the dog trainer (ref. 4237).

Later, PLAYMOBIL® released the Circo Roncalli (ref. 9040) in a limited edition, also quite beautiful, but with less tent size than the 4230, changing the color from red to blue.

In our case, by having the references television camera and reporter (ref. 3571) and several TV cameras (ref. 3904), we can broadcast our functions on television.

Now, PLAYMOBIL® through PLAYMOBIL PLUS® has released new references. A new circus, very similar to the Roncalli but with some more color in the tent (ref. 70963), a magician, clowns and artists among others. It is very colorful with a more modern touch, valid to complete the theme or for those who like it or in the past could not buy it, start.


Circus Circus
Circus Circus
Circus Circus
Circus Circus
Circus Circus
Circus Circus
Circus Circus
Circus Circus