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Classic theme, one of the most important and most developed of PLAYMOBIL®.


Along with the West, it is another of the mythical themes, such as the classic Pirate Ship.


Everything is ready for the greatest show in the world!


We are concerned about the health of our clicks. Enter the most equipped hospital.


Travel through the Cosmos with our Space collection.


Castles, dragons, queens and kings. Knights and swords are the protagonists in this theme.

Water Park

Fun is guaranteed in the PLAYMOBIL® water park. For a refreshing summer!

Zoo Aquarium

Meet all the animals that inhabit our Zoo and enjoy the exhibitions at the Aquarium.


An environment in nature for our clicks to enjoy in tents, motorhomes, etc.


This theme includes the best fair attractions to recreate a day of great emotions.


Police and Firefighters are willing to ensure the safety of all our PLAYMOBIL®.


Tour the great natural reserves and see numerous animals, free in their habitat.


This theme includes everything you can imagine in a city, from gas stations to big mansions.


Learn about Eskimo life, expeditions in the arctic, sledding, snowmen.


With this theme the adventures of Heidi, Pedro, Clara, the grandfather, etc., are relived.


Rest of themes, such as Christmas, Farm, etc.



Perfectly in the city theme any type of reference of most other themes could enter. For example, which city does not have emergency services, a hospital, etc. ?, and a medieval or western movie could even be filming.
In our case, we have grouped a series of references that by themselves do not monopolize so much, but together they are a very necessary part of a city. In our urban space we have houses, services, church, etc.

Although there are thousands of references on this theme, we managed to group enough to create a beautiful and functional city.

Among others, we have, with education being a very important part of our lives, a building that groups a nursery and a school and of course, the school bus (ref. 6866).

We have practically all the transports, so that our clicks enjoy great mobility. For example, the airport (ref. 5338), airplanes (ref. 5395, 6081 or 9366), bus (ref. 9117) or trains (ref. 4010, 5258) with passenger cars (ref. 4124) and station (ref. 4382).

Our city has a bank (ref. 5177), a beautiful church where our clicks can get married (ref. 5053), houses (ref. 70014) and luxurious mansions (ref. 5574), playgrounds (ref. 5568) or a gas station (ref. 3437). And to keep everything clean, the garbage truck (ref. 3780) travels all the streets daily.

The coastal area has areas for fishing, sports areas on the sand, a coast guard boat (ref. 3599) or a fishing boat (ref. 5131).

If we also add the references of the police, fire brigade and hospital themes, it is a very large and complete city. Being able to also add others such as snow references to make a mountain area, zoo, camping, fair or water park and even a circus or a medieval castle as a fortress.


City City
City City