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Classic theme, one of the most important and most developed of PLAYMOBIL®.


Along with the West, it is another of the mythical themes, such as the classic Pirate Ship.


Everything is ready for the greatest show in the world!


We are concerned about the health of our clicks. Enter the most equipped hospital.


Travel through the Cosmos with our Space collection.


Castles, dragons, queens and kings. Knights and swords are the protagonists in this theme.

Water Park

Fun is guaranteed in the PLAYMOBIL® water park. For a refreshing summer!

Zoo Aquarium

Meet all the animals that inhabit our Zoo and enjoy the exhibitions at the Aquarium.


An environment in nature for our clicks to enjoy in tents, motorhomes, etc.


This theme includes the best fair attractions to recreate a day of great emotions.


Police and Firefighters are willing to ensure the safety of all our PLAYMOBIL®.


Tour the great natural reserves and see numerous animals, free in their habitat.


This theme includes everything you can imagine in a city, from gas stations to big mansions.


Learn about Eskimo life, expeditions in the arctic, sledding, snowmen.


With this theme the adventures of Heidi, Pedro, Clara, the grandfather, etc., are relived.


Rest of themes, such as Christmas, Farm, etc.



Who does not remember that famous animated series in which an orphan girl is taken to the Alps to live with her grandfather? PLAYMOBIL® has released this theme but instead of being based on the series from the 70s, it is based on the 3D version issued in 2015. It does not change the argument at all, simply in the visualization of it.
No character is missing, Heidi, Grandpa, Peter, Clara, etc., and even little Pichí. The references have a finish very similar to that of the series and are made up of quite a few very neat accessories.

Among the most representative references on this subject are:

The cabin of the Alps (ref. 70253) : Main reference of the theme, it is a faithful reflection of the one that appears in the series, respecting its distribution, incorporating a living room, the attic where Heidi sleeps, the pantry ... Also, it includes the figures of Heidi, Grandpa, Aunt Dete, Niebla and Pichí.

The lake (ref. 70254) : It is an impressive reference in which Heidi, Clara and Peter are enjoying a picnic next to a mountain and a lake. From the rocks you can pump water allowing it to really flow down the waterfall. In addition, it includes various animals such as the wolf.

The goat stable (ref. 70255) : It contains Blanquita and other little goats. In this reference we find Peter and his grandmother together with numerous accessories and complements, including a light that lights up.

The small reference of Clara, her father and Miss Rottenmeier (ref. 70258 ) allows to complete the main characters of the series and contains an old-style wheelchair.


Heidi Heidi
Heidi Heidi
Heidi Heidi
Heidi Heidi
Heidi Heidi
Heidi Heidi