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Classic theme, one of the most important and most developed of PLAYMOBIL®.


Along with the West, it is another of the mythical themes, such as the classic Pirate Ship.


Everything is ready for the greatest show in the world!


We are concerned about the health of our clicks. Enter the most equipped hospital.


Travel through the Cosmos with our Space collection.


Castles, dragons, queens and kings. Knights and swords are the protagonists in this theme.

Water Park

Fun is guaranteed in the PLAYMOBIL® water park. For a refreshing summer!

Zoo Aquarium

Meet all the animals that inhabit our Zoo and enjoy the exhibitions at the Aquarium.


An environment in nature for our clicks to enjoy in tents, motorhomes, etc.


This theme includes the best fair attractions to recreate a day of great emotions.


Police and Firefighters are willing to ensure the safety of all our PLAYMOBIL®.


Tour the great natural reserves and see numerous animals, free in their habitat.


This theme includes everything you can imagine in a city, from gas stations to big mansions.


Learn about Eskimo life, expeditions in the arctic, sledding, snowmen.


With this theme the adventures of Heidi, Pedro, Clara, the grandfather, etc., are relived.


Rest of themes, such as Christmas, Farm, etc.



Indians and cowboys coexist in the American Wild West. Since 1974, the year in which references such as 3120, 3125 appear in the USA, western theme have been very present in PLAYMOBIL®. Indian villages, the typical sheriff, various types of forts, varied buildings, etc., were commercialized.
With the passage of time, as it has been happening in the cinema, the whole "western" theme has been passing to a more forgotten plane. Children don't play "gunmen". At present there are very few references dedicated to the West, although it is still a great claim for collectors and lovers of this theme. In truth, the dioramas that are made of western are the most beautiful and the most striking that can be seen from PLAYMOBIL®.
There are several references that are highly wanted in the second-hand market, that every good passionate about this subject wants to have in their collection, among them we find the Indian and bison (ref. 3731), the diligence that transports gold (ref. 3037 ), Colorado Springs Station (ref. 3770) or the Western Train (ref. 4034).
The West Fort is another hot-selling item, of which a number of different models have been made. With this you could play to fight in the Civil War, between Nordists (Union) and Southerners (Confederates) or in the Indian Wars. In fact, it is not unusual to find a diorama anywhere in the world where these events are not represented.
Our collection has many references on this theme, which mixes figures from the 80s with more current ones. The western train, with its famous Steaming Mary locomotive, at the time very few people were lucky enough to have it and in fact, currently large amounts of money are requested in second hand sales. It ran on the LGB rail system. There have been other models such as the western train with cattle (ref. 4029), various wagons, etc. Later, in 1997, PLAYMOBIL® released the RC system with plastic tracks and with this system they marketed the classic train (ref. 4017), which despite not being a "purely" western train, could work quite well in this theme, although it did not have the charm of reference 4034. In our case, we have made a custom locomotive, creating a fairing for the RC freight train locomotive (ref. 5258) and in the same way, we have created a wagon using several PLAYMOBIL® parts . The result can be seen in the images.

Western Western
Western Western
Western Western
Western Western
Western Western
Western Western
Western Western
Western Western
Western Western